Child Pet Ambassador Program

Paw Works Child Pet Ambassador Program

What is the Child Pet Ambassador (CPA) Program?

All new education based youth program focusing on not only homeless shelter animals but also local and global endangered wildlife. The 1st and only local, innovative program that allows children as young as 6 years old to have hands on interactive experience and socialization with rescue animals. Guides the next generation of animal advocates and rescuers to work on creating a better tomorrow for animals everywhere. Quarterly our CPA’s log over 1,500 volunteer hours, proving this program is educational, engaging and enjoyable!

What is expected of you CPA

Participate in community events

Schedule service hours with the CPA Leader

Take on responsibilities with caution and care

Meet the minimum number of required volunteer hours

How to join CPA

Fill out the contact us form.

Attend a kick off orientation meeting

Monitor your email for your mandatory meeting dates.