Pets Count Too

In an effort to assist our Village in all things pet related.  Paw Works has teamed up with to bring you “Pets Count Too!”

 “Pets Count Too!” a pilot program by, co-sponsored in part by Paw Works, offers a way to celebrate our furry friends lives after they are no longer with us.  Pets Count Too! offers a no-fee platform allowing children and families an opportunity to memorialize a beloved pet and offers life tools to aid in a healthy grief recovery.

We understand that pets are as much a family member as any other member of the family.  While for the elderly, and for those whom have chosen not to have a human family, a pet is a “child” and life revolves around the care and love for our pet.  Yet few understand the grief we humans experience after a beloved pet has died. 

The death of a pet is often a child’s first experience with death and the grief surrounding it.  For families, it is often a first experience on how to comfort one’s self as well as navigate and comfort other family members through grief’s journey. 

How It Works

Step One

Register on, it’s quick and easy.  You can even sign in with Facebook.

Step Two

Tell us about your pet.  Just a few details and photo are required.

Step Three

Choose a theme.

Step Four

Share it with family and friends so they too can participate in remembering your beloved pet.

When one’s heart is ready to love again, Paw Works is in the business of healing broken animals’ hearts after they have been abandoned and alone. For more information about adopting a pet who’s heart has been broken you can visit us at